The story goes

Singer/songsmith Maudlin Rich came out of the Antwerp Attic Scene in the late 1990s, gaining a cult following there with his tuneful, softly-sung compositions that were at the same time self-effacing and self-obsessed, life-affirming and world-weary. People have complained Maudlin Rich has listened to Morrissey and Donovan too much. No harm done. People will complain about anything. People should listen to The Auteurs for once and just shut up.

Maudlin Rich followed his muse and travelled to Liverpool, England, in the winter of 1999 and quickly made a name for himself on the Cardboard Underground, honing his skills on various stages. He is still honing. Maudlin Rich is extremely well-liked. Among his fans. And that, he often says, is all we may reasonably expect from life. Which shouldn't stop us reaching for more, of course. He has since followed another muse.

Maudlin Rich gets his inspiration from life as it passes. He is fairly narrow-minded and likes to reflect on his own misery or good fortune most of the time. One other thing to mention is that when lyrical inspiration runs dry, help is at hand from beyond the grave. To date, he has composed at least two dozen songs around poems by A.E. Housman (1859-1936).

He has recorded a number of song collections, mostly under his own steam, with the aid of various mid-tech recording facilities, found objects, a small band of distinguished guests, and a suspicious lack of record company interest. All of these collections received a limited release and are therefore now quite hard to find. They may be rereleased or made available again soon.

For now, Maudlin Rich is writing, recording and playing live. For whatever reason, do get in touch, follow the social media links, or sign up to the Maudlin Rich mailing list. You just never know.